AWS Expertise From A Former Backend Engineer

Plator Solutions was founded by Ben Sherman who has years of experience as an Amazon software engineer, designing and rolling out AWS infrastructure for the retail website.

Whether your business is just starting out or looking at a large-scale migration, we can help you build the right architecture to scale in a smooth and cost-effective manner.

Our Services

AWS Architecture

We get your business application created or migrated to the AWS cloud, so you you can leverage the power of Amazon's highly-scalable, high-available systems.

Dev Ops

We work with you to find new solutions to automate costly, time-consuming, manual processes.

Big Data & Analytics

We help you utilize AWS tools to find information and value in large data sets, so you can see trends and patterns to help you make better business decisions.

Cost Optimization

We start where others stop. First, we analyze your computing needs, then we develop a thorough, cost-optimized plan. Finally, we help you put these recommendations in place.


We offer customized, in-house trainings focused on the AWS services you use, with hands-on learning with your staff to develop the right solutions.


We help secure systems running in AWS using DevSecOps processes that automatically respond and preserve and protect your information.


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